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BL-TK15 White laser flashlight

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  • Brand name:Blue Lake

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product description
BL-TK15 is the only one of the world's only practical white laser lighting (search light) developed by Shanghai Blue Lake Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. The company adopts the world's most high-end blue laser to stimulate the company's patented product yellow phosphor to form white laser, At the same time the use of dark vision to enhance the patented technology and unique optical system, so that the laser light source life of up to 10,000 hours, coupled with a reasonable cooling structure and the use of aviation-grade cylinder material to solve the laser miniaturization and heat sink complex Outstanding global problems. Its up to 1050 meters of visual distance and 2100 meters of the distance is the current LED lighting products can not match, ultra-long straight precision and high light intensity will let you in the night to explore the experience of extraordinary Feeling, and will certainly be your night the most worthy of lazy good partner!
Product performance:
● The company's unique practical white laser light source and dark visual enhanced patented technology, the world's leading.
● The world's most high-end blue laser and the company's patented yellow phosphor, light source life of 10,000 hours.
● ultra-long distance, visual distance of up to 1050 meters, the distance of up to 2100 meters.
● Up to 500 lumens of ultra-bright output.
● bright, bright, low, SOS four-speed lighting mode, for a wide range.
● divergence angle from 1.8 ° to 16 °, adjustable high beam, near light, near light when the spot to keep uniform, the center does not change black.
● Japan's advanced double-sided antireflective film tempered glass optical lens.
● The cylinder body is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, and the surface is subjected to anti-wear treatment of military grade three hard anodic oxidation.
● Intelligent memory circuit, automatically remember the brightness mode of the illumination mode.
● Micro USB interface to charge.
● overall design nice, barrel with a non-slip design, easy to carry in their daily work.
● Three imported original Japanese Panasonic 18650 lithium battery, large capacity, low self-discharge rate, life of up to 1000 cycles.
● suitable for border, public security, prisons, electricity, airports, terminals, troops, factories and mines and a variety of field lighting and signal use.

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